This chair was established in 1989 as the ‘Chair of Technology of Plasticity’ in the Institute of Industrial Science, which at that time stood at Roppongi. The name of the Chair was changed as ‘CHF: Chair of Hyper-functional Forming’ in 1997, and moved to Komaba in 2001, and, in 2018, moved again to Hongo and belongs to the department of mechanical engineering, graduate school of engineering. Number of staffs and members of this chair is 16; 10 graduate students, 2 research fellows, one secretariat, 2 research associates, and one Professor.
Multi-purpose experimental space in Komaba
Multi-purpose experimental space in Komaba

In the main campus in Komaba, we have 2500/500KN hydraulic press, ultrahigh-speed compression testing machine, multi-stage hot compression testing machine, 200kN rolling mill, vacuum sintering furnace, induction heating system, high-temperature SEM with EDS, optical microscopes, and 1000kN materials testing machines. Other facilities, such as six machining devices, high-speed hydraulic press, cam-plastometer, 1000kN lateral extrusion press and electric furnace, are located at our satellite campus in Chiba.This chair has above facilities, to enable the consistent forming experiment from the raw material to the product.